Terms and Conditions

The following illustrates the terms and conditions for using the Sona website; this extends to the buying of Sona products through the Sona website.

By visiting the Sona website, you agree to the following terms and conditions. The terms & conditions beneath shall be governed and interpreted in agreement with the laws of Singapore.

Cahaya Electronics Pte Ltd. reserves the rights to amend and revise any information on the Sona website at any point of time without prior notice.


Usage of the Sona Website

This website also consists of the Sona name, trademarks, service marks and trade names. Information and materials on this website should not be explained and interpreted as granting any license or rights to use any of the said marks without Sona’s written permission or written permission from parties that may own the marks. Unauthorised use of this website and/or information and materials on this website may lead to the violation of copyrights, trademark infringement, and/or other intellectual property laws.


Limitations on Our Accountability

By accessing and using the Sona website, you agree that Cahaya Electronics will not be held accountable for any direct, indirect, and/or consequential loss from the use of the information and/or materials available on this website.


Images and Media Information

All images and other media information on the Sona website are solely for illustration purposes and may differ from the actual goods. Subsequently, Cahaya Electronics will not be liable for any loss due to reliance on the information on the Sona site.




1 Cancellation

Cancellation of orders after 24 hours from the time of payment will incur a S$10 cancellation fee. Delivery charges will not be refunded after delivery process has been initiated.

As all cancellations require written notice and require approval from Cahaya Electronics, please email your Order Number and reason for cancellation to [email protected]

Cahaya Electronics Pte Ltd. reserves the right to terminate any transaction with immediate effect, in the event the product requested for purchase is out of stock; in this occasion, no cancellation fees will be imposed on our customers.


2 Refund and Exchange

We do not implement cash refund for products sold.

Products bought under promotion prices are not able to be refunded for cash, nor able to be exchanged for other products. For products where exchange is valid, exchanges must be conducted within 7 days of purchase and brought along with original receipt. Items returned for exchange must not be used and must be in their original packaging.




The following Privacy Policy illustrates our policy concerning the collection and disclosure of your information provided when registering your email and warranty with us, submitting a purchase order, through telephone inquiries, etc.


1 Personal Information and Data

By placing your Request and making contact with us, you provide consent that we may collect and store, process, use and disclose the information and data collected from you with the intentions of processing your Request and delivering the Goods.


2 Your Consent

By providing information to us through purchasing and submitting applications to us online, you are consenting to our Privacy Policy without limitation terms concerning the collection and storing, use and disclosure of such information in accordance with this Privacy Policy.


3 Use of Personal Information and Non-Disclosure

Cahaya Electronics will not act in any way that intentionally sells, rents, or transfers your personal information to third parties, unless requested by the law. Any information collected will remain confidential and only for the purpose of internal Cahaya Electronics usage.

Your personal information may be shared with present and/or future entities of Cahaya Electronics and/or subsidiaries; this includes business partners and financial institutions collaborating with us.

We may also use the information you provide us to send you information on our products. Although rare, it may be a necessity for us to share your information with certain third parties, who are executing services on our behalf.

We will take reasonable measures to protect your personal information and keep said information confidential and secure from loss, misuse, mishandling, unauthorised access, disclosure, modification or destruction.


4 Revisions to Our Policy

Occasionally we may be required to revise this Privacy Policy; we reserve the right to amend this Privacy Policy at any time without prior notice. Revisions to the Privacy Policy will be posted under the Privacy Policy section of our Terms and Conditions.


5 Our Use of Cookies

Cookies are small pieces of data stored on a computer with the purpose of collecting and remembering user’s web related information and can be retrievable from website servers.

Our use of cookies is not for the purpose of recording personal information. Our website uses cookies with the intent of increasing the convenience of your use and interaction with the website. Cookies may record information about your visit to our website. This includes but is limited to your server’s IP address, the type of browser and operating system you used to access our website, the previous site you visited, the pages of our website you accessed and the information downloaded by you. We will analyse the collected statistical data to improve our services. The statistical data will be anonymous; this means we will not be able to personally identify you.




Cahaya Electronics will only accept purchase orders that are delivered to addresses within Singapore. Cahaya Electronics reserves the right to decline delivery to addresses we deem inaccessible and to addresses outside of Singapore. Before delivering the goods, we will ensure that all products are securely packed and delivered in safe and proper packaging.

We attempt and strive to deliver your order on your requested time. If the delivery was not successful, we will contact you to reschedule the delivery. Please note, Cahaya Electronics will not be responsible for late or unsuccessful deliveries. Additional delivery charges will apply if and when delivery was unsuccessful, due to:

  1. Recipient being absent to receive and complete the delivery at requested time
  2. The address provided is inaccurate and incorrect
  3. The recipient was not able to be contacted to make reasonable attempts to complete the delivery successfully


1 Delivery Fees (Per order to a single address)

The table below illustrates the delivery fees for different scenarios.

Descriptions Delivery Fees
Single purchases ≤ S$299 S$30
Single purchases ≥ S$300 S$0
Subsequent delivery attempts when initial delivery was unsuccessful S$50 per delivery attempt


2 Delivery Time and Day

Once order has been confirmed, delivery within Singapore will take 3-7 working days. Please note, all orders submitted after 3PM will be processed on the next working day, and confirmed thereafter.

If and when delivery is unsuccessful, customers must either schedule for a redelivery or collect from designated locations, as items must be received by customers within 2 weeks from the date of the first unsuccessful delivery. Cahaya Electronics reserves the right to terminate and forfeit your order and item/s after 2 weeks from the date of the first unsuccessful delivery. Terminated orders are not eligible for refunds.



3 Self Collection and Pick Up

For self collection customers, self collection occurs at Sona Service Center, during operating hours from Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. The Purchase Receipt is required when collecting item.

Purchased item/s is/are only available for collection three (3) working days after purchase date. Item/s is/are to be collected within 2 weeks from the date of purchase. Cahaya Electronics reserves the right to terminate and forfeit your order and item/s after 2 weeks from purchase date. Terminated orders are not eligible for refunds.




1.1 Purchase Order

All Purchase Orders submitted to Cahaya Electronics Pte Ltd. through the Sona website will require our approval and acceptance. The approval of the Purchase Order and completion of the contract between you and us will occur on the dispatch of the delivery of your purchased goods. Please note, prior to the delivery, we reserve the right to reject and cancel your Purchase Order.

Cahaya Electronics holds the rights to revoke the duties to fulfil any Purchase Order, for any reason; with or without notice, we shall not be accountable to any party for such revocation. This extends to after a Purchase Order has been confirmed, and the customer has completed the payment. However, if such situation was to occur, we shall refund the price of the Goods purchased to the respective customer.


1.2 Payment Terms and Processing

Please note, all Prices quoted are inclusive of goods and services tax, unless otherwise stated or indicated.

All payments made through the Sona website shall be completed with PayPal. Cahaya Electronics only accepts payments completed with PayPal, unless otherwise indicated. We will proceed with delivering your order only after payment has been made.


1.3 Age

Only individuals eighteen (18) years old and above may submit a request, a Purchase Order or make any other forms of requisition on the Sona website.


2 Inaccuracies on Our Site

Cahaya Electronics reserves the rights to amend any information, including prices, and availability of products, on the Sona website without prior notice. Cahaya Electronics reserves the right to correct any inaccuracies or errors; this includes after submission of a Purchase Order, and before or after confirmation of the Purchase Order and your PayPal account has been charged. If and when your PayPal account has been charged for the purchase and your Purchase Order is cancelled, Cahaya Electronics will issue a credit to your PayPal account in the amount you were charged.


Warranty Coverages

Please note, our duration and types of warranty vary for products; please refer to our online warranty terms and conditions to ensure your product’s warranty period and type.

If within the warranty period; this product is proved to be defective under proper use and handling by reason only of defective workmanship or materials, we will provide repairs without charge. Our repairs without charge are only applicable for mechanical and electrical defects, for repairs and replacements done in Singapore, and when the Product has only been used in Singapore. We reserve the sole discretion to repair or replace your Product with components of similar kind, quality and specifications.

As a result of the advancement in technology, the value of the replacement product may differ from the value of the original product. Replacement parts will be new, original or non-original manufacturer’s parts that perform to factory specifications of the product at our discretion.

When requiring warranty servicing, customers are required to produce both original purchase receipt and warranty card documents for servicing warranty to be valid.



Under no condition shall coverage include any loss or injury to an individual, or any loss or damage to property, or any incidental, contingent, direct or indirect loss, and subsequent injuries. This includes but is not limited to losses incurred as a result of delay in service and loss of use, during which your Product is with an authorised repairer.


Repair Exclusions from Coverage

Refer to our warranty card.

The following are not included in our warranty coverages:

  • Manufacturer’s recommendations of routine maintenance, cleaning, inspection, lubrication, external adjustments and any other instructions and recommendations to customers.
  • Non-operating items and components, paint, colour, or Product finish – corrosions, rusts and stains, external cables and cords, glass and screens, and accessories used with the Product.
  • Unauthorised revisions made to the Product, altered or removed serial numbers, failure to adhere to manufacturer’s instructions to installing, operating and/or maintenance of Product, and repairs performed by unauthorised repairers, any items not affecting the Product’s ability to function.
  • Consumables such as bulbs, batteries, glasses, filters, trays, hoses, knobs, fridge receptacles, fan blades, etc, and/or normal wear and tear components.
  • External faults such as improper installation, or electrical connection, unauthorised repairs and modifications, natural and unnatural disasters and other incidences beyond our control.
  • Installation of air conditioners and water heaters performed by unauthorised persons
  • Repairs and modifications conducted by unauthorised persons
  • Repairs as a result of accidental or intentional physical damage
  • Uses aside from domestic purposes.
  • Burglary/theft, corrosions, liquid spillages, animal and insect infestations, misuse and mishandling, neglect, abuse and accidents.
  • Failure due to a voltage converter, and using incorrect voltage to the Product.
  • Diagnosis by authorised repairers where no faults has been detected.
  • Repairs and costs effected from third parties.
  • Shipping charges, express service charges, transportation damage, rough handling and/or mishandling, and removal, installation or reinstallation of the Product.

For Servicing, please call Sona Service Center at 6746 1132.


Onsite Service

We only provide onsite service for air conditioners and water heaters. Our onsite service does not extend to our other products. Please note, for air conditioners and water heaters, refer to respective warranty terms and conditions.



The information, including any promotion, product or service information, contained on this website may be provided for information only. These information may not necessarily symbolise an offer to sell, or signify the solicitation of an offer to purchase any product and/or service at the price stated on this website, nor does it act as an advice on the suitability of any product and/or service.

The information and materials contained on this website has been compiled in good faith; therefore, no representation or warranty expressed or implied is made as to definite accuracy, sufficiency or completeness. Cahaya Electronics is not required to provide notice of any error or inaccuracy regarding information contained on this website. Cahaya Electronics holds the right to add, modify, or delete information and materials on this website at any time without prior notice.

This website may contain links to websites maintained by other organisations, to which Cahaya Electronics does not take any responsibility for the content and/or functionality of those sites.

The materials in this website are provided “as is” and without warranties, of any kind, either express or implied, to the fullest extent permissible and subject and pursuant to applicable law. Cahaya Electronics denies all warranties, express or implied, including, but is not limited to, implied warranties of satisfactory quality, profitability and fitness for a certain purpose. Cahaya Electronics does not guarantee the functions contained in the materials will be uninterrupted or error-free, that defects will be revised. Cahaya Electronics also does not assure this website or server is clear of any virus and/or other unsafe elements.



You agree to protect, defend, and hold Cahaya Electronics, its directors, employees, distributors, and vendors harmless from and against any and all claims, liabilities, damages, losses and costs, expenses, fees – including fees and costs of attorneys, that such parties may incur as a result of (a) any information submitted, posted or transmitted on or through this website on your User Account; (b) use of this website on your Account; (c) violation of these Terms of Use on your Account; or (d) violation of any rights of any other person or entity on your Account, including, but is not limited to, any copyright, patent, trademark, trade secret or other proprietary rights of any person or entity. Cahaya Electronics reserves the right to assume the exclusive defense and control of any matter subject to indemnification by you, in which event you will cooperate with Cahaya Electronics in asserting any available defenses.